Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

Thursdays are wonderful since Friday is in close proximity!

I had a fabulous dinner made with miracle noodles (calorie free) and a pad Thai sauce that was left at my doorstep by an unknown person (true story; we are still trying to pin point the kind person who left a 1 gallon container of pad Thai sauce on my porch). Dont worry, I froze the sauce in small jars and have been thawing it as needed; safety first! The miracle noodles arrived today from Amazon; they were also left at my doorstep but I know who dropped them off (the USPS guy)!
My Meyer lemon tree is blooming!! Glorious year # 3!
Sweet precious bell peppers; hurry before the groundhogs (or deer, rabbits, squirrels or chipmunks) find you!
Juliet tomatoes- So regal!
Jalapenos are here (I cant find the swiggly for the n!!)
Thai red chillies
Finally, as requested by my sous chef Julia, the proportions to my calorie free mojito mocktail: 1 1/4 cups ice, 1 cup sparkling water, juice of 1 lime (or 2 if you like it tart), 1/4 cup packed mint leaves and 4 packets stevia. This was a tough request, but I had to remake this complicated recipe...I aim to please..LOL.

And Congratulations to my buddy Laura Williams for passing the RD exam today!!! You are a star!!

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