Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Restaurant Review- Sushi Too on Walnut

Last night, as I was reading my new book Will Write for Food, I decided that if I dont make it as a culinary dietitian, that I would simply become a famous food writter. True, it may take some time to actually become famous, but when I do, it will be off to Paris to cover new restaurant openings, followed by numerous invitations to food and wine festivals and multiple interviews with famous chefs; you know, the usual. Of course I would also be involved in other types of food writting: cookbooks, recipes, memoir, fiction, culinary travel, restaurant reviews, ect....just sayin'.

As a new self proclaimed food critic, I decided to take matters into my own hands and pay a visit to a little sushi restaurant on Walnut Street. I was definitely in good company, as my friends Jillian, Leann and Zeak were there for support (and dinner)!

It was about 6pm on hot Tuesday evening in Pittsburgh. The kind hostess greeted us quickly after entering. We were seated in a back corner; a perfect location for people watching and a clear view of the sushi bar. I admit, the 2 separate menus were a bit overwhelming (and they were paper!), but with assistance from my friends, I was able to find the sashimi and sushi section before my low blood sugar became disabling . I ordered the tuna tataki, unagi sushi and a seaweed salad; these are my go-to items and a restaurant must be able to execute these dishes perfectly if they want my approval.
And I was pleased.
Jillian ordered the spicy tuna sashimi; in my opinion, this looks more like a tuna tartar or tataki. I missed the opportunity to take photos of Leann and Zeak's dishes; I was too busy scarfing my food down. I will be better prepared for my next restarurant review (and maybe have a snack ahead of time). Until next time!

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