Fitness Log

Week 5 9-10/9-16
Monday-3 mile outdoor run with herbie and 2.25 mile run on the treadmill.I hope I can make it to 6 miles before the race! Tuesday-Arms and Abs this morning-45 mintues
Wednesday-ran 3.5 miles in the am and did an awesome Power Hour class at the Gym in the evening!
Thursday-Really needed the day off! really!

Week 4 9-03/9-9-12
Monday Labor Day; no work today meant no structure! and sleeping in!!I don't think I liked this...I need a plan for the next Holiday a family hike or something.

Tuesday allright back on board! 4.5 miles this morning; half of it outdoors with little Herbie and the other half on the treadmill. I know, the treadmill is easier, but it is a change in scenery and plus....I like the easy part lol!

Wednesday Warm up walk with Herbie for 10 minutes, followed by my Jiggle Free Arms DVD (The Firm) with step aerobics. I was sort of bored of my P90X Arm work out, so hopefully I will be a bit sore tomorrow from this. Then I did about 6 minutes of abs and a 1 mile jog on the treadmill. This was a fun workout because it was different!

Thursday 3 mile outdoor run with Herbie and 2 mile run on treadmill!

Friday Running behind; 15 minutes walk with Herbie and 20 minute yoga stretch

Saturday Off

Sunday 45 minute walk with the hubby and pup

Week 3 8-27/9-2-12
Monday Running late this am; I blame the hubby and the pup! TRX class in the evening

Tuesday Lazy morning; just a walk with the pup! 30 minute body plus class in the evening and 30 minute cardio session on the elliptical

Wednesday 3 mile run this am!:)

Thursday P90X Shoulders and Arms

Friday 3.5 mile run this morning (second half on the treadmill; fell down and scrapped up me knee during outdoor is rough sometimes lol)

Saturday off

Sunday off (comtemplated running, but feeling lazy and my busted knee is still achy)

Week 2 8-20/8-26
P90x Plyometrics in the am and TRX Supension Training Class in the pm; 2 hour workout today!!! Much needed after a dirty weekend:)

Jogged 30 minutes outdoors with Herbie and then hopped on the treadmill for 2.25 miles...sweet!

Legs are horribly sore!  P90X Shoulders and arms this am! I really focused on doing the heavier weights...bring the upper body soreness on!

ThursdayJogged outdoors with little H for about 30  minutes. Then hopped on the treadmill for 2 plus miles! Did a 9:15 minute mile! yay!

30 minute Baron Baptiste yoga DVD. I really needed a day off; still sore...everywhere!
Evening walk with herbie-about 45 minutes.

Saturday Off 

Sunday Treadmill run-2.8 miles! and ran a 9:05 minutes mile! Getting faster yay! No laughing..

Week 1 8-13/8-19
MondayFirst day of the rest of my life: Staring up my fitness plan (again!). Did my P90X Shoulders and Arms Workout. It was tough; I hopped on the treadmill for the last 15 minutes of it-I thought my arms were going to fall off!!! Tuesday
Upper body=SORE! I took Herbie for a run, that started off as a walk, then jog. Running is tough, my body feels too heavy. I just kept going though, for a whole 30 minutes in the outdoors. It was nice, cool and still dark. Just the pup and I in Frick!

Hopped on the treadmill and ran a 9:33 min mile when we got back (just one); hey, that's pretty good considering that last week I ran an 11 min mile!! Great race here we come!
WednesdayP90X legs and back this am! I love the workout! and using the pull up bar between leg exercises is sweet; no I can't do a real pull up yet but even using the chair for support hurts so good:)

ThursdayBack on the running routine this am. It's pretty dark out at 5:30am; luckily little herbie is a great running buddy. By the way, hills equal pain!! So after 23 minutes of the great outdoors, we had to come back in 'cause I had to use the happens. But, I hopped on the treadmill for almost 2 miles after that! Did a 9:23 minute mile woo hoo! that's a whole 10 seconds of improvement!

Jackie Warner's 30 minute circuit
Sarturday brisk 30 minute walk with the man    Sunday OFF

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