Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PDA Mentoring Mixer and Fondue Fun

To kick off the year (better late than never!), Jessica (Career Services Chair)  and I (Mentoring Chair) of the Pittsburgh Dietetics Association (PDA) decided to host a networking mixer! This allowed for a comfortable environment where the students and dietitians could get to know eachother. We had a wonderful turnout and lots of fun! We enjoyed tasty not-so-clean treats  (FONDUE Fun!) and played a  "speed mentoring" game to get to know eachother. The fondue and the unexpected dip-Ables were a work project; I had a chance to gather lots of feedback on what actually tastes good together. To my surprise, some favorite combinations included chocolate/pickles, chocolate/ peppers, asparagus/chocolate, and actually almost everything. 

Left ro right: Sam Calderone, Erin Long, Erin Pover, Leeann Hessler, Elizabeth Smith, Jessica Dugan, Kristin Meyer, Julia Gilbert, Marla Jacobs and Allison Ballina.

Brie and Prosecco Fondue with Multigrain tuscany bread, salami, mozzarella, tortellini, grapes, cocktail weiners, olives, pretzels, and asparagus

Roasted Fall Veggies

Cheese of course!
Dark Spiced Chocolate Fondue with bacon, potato chips, pasta, pepperazzi, cubanelle peppers, pizzelles, chocolate chip cookies,  and turnips
Here we are again- I'm in it this time (Julia kindly volunteered to take the pic!)
Fabulous Spread
And more chocolate dippers: asian pears, persimmons, orange segments, blackberries, pickles (yes, dill pickles!) strawberries and melon

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