Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to Eat More Veggies and Fruits

In my opinion, in order to eat more fruits and veggies, THEY NEED TO BE IN YOUR FACE!! that is, in your fridge, your pantry, in your house!!
Step 1 is to purchase them! This is very helpful! As you all know, I am a Costco shopper, and I buy in pretty large quantities for the best prices! This forces me to eat them...I mean, I don't want them to  spoil! they are so pretty!
Step 2 is to do some prep ahead of time. Wash and cut in advance. Either for the week or for the next few days. This takes a little time and planning, but it helps you commit to getting them in to your diet.
Step 3 is to just have fun, and get stuff you like!
Step 4 if you don't like many veggies, well no problem, just add them to your smoothies! You don't even have to look at them:) I like to do this as way to increase my intake, after all, little Wyatt Little  needs the best nutrition! I don't LOVE cooked veggies for the most part, at least when you eat them on their own. But I do enjoy veggies in the raw.
Step 5-just DO IT!! add them to sandwiches, side dishes, smoothies, have them with dips, chop them super fine (makes it easier to get down as the hubby says), or puree them into recipes (think Deceptively Delicious).
Step 6-invest in some cute containers (it helps if the veggies look good in their little containers), preferably glass, and lots of baggies!
So here is my prep for the week:)
Here is what I have to work with!! Yup, all mine!!!!
Veggies and dip! This week I have a lemon goddess dip:)
These blueberries are washed and ready to top with yogurt or cottage cheese! of course if you get raspberries or blackberries, they should be eaten within a few days, and washed just before using.
Get ahead of the game , and pack your cottage cheese, yogurts (if you buy the large tubs), almonds, whatever! 

My veggie smoothie packs ( 1/2 bell pepper, 1/3 cucumber, 5 carrots, blueberries or other fruit that keeps well); I just pop 1 in the blender with water and a half scoop of protein powder (handful of berries already in the bag), or add frozen pineapple, and voila-2 servings of veggies at breakfast! I admit to often just prepping the smoothie each night, but that just gets annoying.
I don't mind if my apples are a bit oxidized, they still taste great! If you do, just toss them in a little lemon juice or carbonated soda like seltzer water.
While you are at it, just prep your snacks for the week too! Eggs=muscle in the bank!

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