Monday, May 27, 2013

Super Quick and Clean Watermelon Sorbet

Got watermelon? I do!!!
It's watermelon season, and as the weather warms and produce ripens, we may or may not find ourselves with excessive amounts of it!

You know what I mean.... you buy an entire watermelon, eat it all week, and still have lots leftover ...what to do! Freeze it! and make this yummy treat! or add it into smoothies, margaritas, whatever!
True, this quick sorbet requires a bit of planning, but once you have a few bags of frozen watermelon in your freezer, you will never want ice cream again ( just kidding, not likely!!)

Give this a try! It's light and clean, with not added sugars:)

Quick Watermelon Sorbet

2 cups frozen watermelon chunks
2 Tbsp. liquid such as water, lemonade, orange juice, rum...

That's it!!!

Chop watermelon into bite sized cubes. Reserve whatever amount you want to keep fresh on hand and place remaining amount in several freezer bars. Layer watermelon chunks in a single layer for freezing; this will prevent watermelon from freezing into one large chunk. Remove as much air as possible from bags. I like to zip most of the bag closed and then suck (yes with your mouth) the air out of one end; yup , not the most sanitary, but it's for me (and the Wyatt and Chris) right, so its all good! Plus it WORKS!! Your very own vacuum sealer lol.

Freeze the bags overnight-this is what they will look like. Lightly tap the frozen bags against counter to break up the watermelon.
Place about 2 cups of chunks in a food processor and allow to sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes to lightly soften. If you have a newer food processor, you probably don't need to wait. Mine is pretty old, and I am waiting for it to die out. It has been 9 years and it is still kicking!! Or you can do this in your Vitamix (the dry container). If you use blender, you will likely need more liquid.

Pulse until finely chopped. Add about 2 Tbsp. of lemonade or orange juice, or even just water if you have super sweet watermelon. Pulse again until smooth, like sorbet.

Serve immediately! Makes 1-2 servings depending on whether you are eating for 2 or not lol.
Serve with thinly sliced fresh herbs such a mint or basil.

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  1. This is such a staple for the summer. Would be great served alongside my Star Spangled Spritzer :-)