Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celebrating RD-ism

So testing recipes for "steak-ums" was definitely not the highlight of my special day, but when duty calls, I answer.
Beef Strips Stir Fry
Bracciole for Four

My drive to Wheeling, West Virginia yesterday morning proved to be worthwhile; passing the national Registered Dietitian exam was definitely the highlight of my day!

So how did I celebrate my success? Well I hung out with my super awesome friend Jen Murphy, who is also an RD. We played iron chef using some must-go ingredients from my garden and from her refrigerator.

Black cherry tomatoes, garden peach heirloom tomatoes and little yellow ones too, needed to be eaten desperately.
Garden Tomato Salad with Rougue River Blue on Garlic toast
An amazing salad with cucumbers, black beans, cilantro and red peppers-Jen's creation!

We used an Oregon Rouge River Blue cheese too-this brings back wonderful memories of visiting the Rouge River Creamery near Medford in Oregon.

I also finally learned how to can! Turns out I learned something valuable relating to canning during my RD studies, and got to see it live at Jens place! So, fruits and vegetables with a low pH can be canned in a water bath (more room for error), and those with a high pH must be canned using a pressure cooker. And it makes sense now! I can't wait to make my own canned salsa to eat all winter long!
Jen's famous simmering Mixed Berry Jam
Dishwasher sterilized jars, yes they got up to 170F!

My super talented amiga Jen, who is going to teach me how to be a photographer on Monday!
Bringing them up to a boil...212F
"And now, you listen " said Jen.." For what I answered?".."the popping of the lids...its like a chorus of frogs" she replied..

So that is how I celebrated RD-ism...It was perfect!

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! That's AWESOME! Welcome to the "club" :)