Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food photos!

I set up my own little photo studio, right in my dining room. Why not, its Spring Break! A tri-fold poster from Michael's, a red table cloth from Walmart, a couple desk lamps, a few props (note the sexy glass jar from IKEA filled with whole wheat spaghetti in the background). Getting crazy over here lol. Today I prepared a few recipes and had a chance to put my studio into action. Check them out!

A wheat berry salad with tart cherries, feta, almonds and lots of veggies. Photo #1

A close up of the same salad...obviously. Note-if you want to use hard red winter wheat berries for your salad, make sure to soak them overnight. Lesson learned. Pearled farro is much quicker though, and requires no soaking. I am learning so much!

Grilled pound cake, spiced fruit and gelato. Hot! Notice how the spoon gently sits on the plate; brilliant! The limes in the background, yup, they are from Costco, thats how I can afford so many lol.
This shot lets one really appreciate the fun cloth napkin my sweet mother-in-law gave me! She also gave me the silver napkin-ring holder thing;is that what they are called?

Chocolate Raspberry Tofu Mousse-Yup, there is really tofu in it...not kidding. It's delish. Had my dog walker try it-she loved it, so that means its great. She was also super impressed with my photo studio set up...she really was!

Dont you just want to dive in??!! Changed the napkin out here if you did not notice; got these at a yard sale.

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